MDS Masculine Image TBC

I’ve been playing around again – yes, all day!  This post is a bit of a tease . . . one of the things I like the least is to be watching one of my favorite TV shows (NCIS for example) and at 59 minutes you just know what’s coming next . . . To be continued . . . – well, that’s what the ‘TBC’ in the title refers to – I’m working with this image to make a masculine/Father’s Day card for the next challenge over at Butternut Sage – it’s not due until June 10, but my good friend Sandy is setting the bar high and being a fantastic role model (in many ways) . . . and she is trying to stay one step ahead on the challenges we’ve been doing.  So, I started playing today with su mds and artweaver again – I know, it’s so addicting!  I’ve actually been working on three cards at one time – I’ll be posting my first entry to the Color Down the Lines Challenge later today (midnight).  I’ve also been playing around with the next color challenge as well.  It’s kind of hard to walk away when you’re on a roll!  Tune in next time (hearing “same bat channel” somewhere in my old brain files) to see how I complete my card with this image.  ‘Til then, happy stamping friends . . . can’t resist  . . . to be continued . . . .


2 comments on “MDS Masculine Image TBC

  1. Sandy says:

    Oh, yes, I hate it when the program says “To Be Continued.” And also, I don’t much care for “Here’s just a sneak peek.” However, I will kick into my patience mode and just wait. Looks very interesting — the splats conjure up all sorts of possibilities. I’ll definitely tune in again to see what eventually appears.

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