Color Blog Hop March 15, 2017


77390913b The scraps I used are  some my daughter gave me – she recently arranged for a card workshop at her office . . . unfortunately, due to a small snowfall,  it had to be rescheduled    . . . then people couldn’t attend and so forth.  Only one person went and hence my challenge – take the materials they had paid for and make a new workshop with them that was not Valentine themed.  This challenge is somewhat like a jigsaw puzzle – use one color here – no, wait I need that for this one.  I am sure you have had left over workshop pieces – I began by searching pinterest and setting up a board called Hillary’s Challenge so I could move things around and compare what I had to use and where it would best fit.  You can see the full board here.    Keep in mind that I will not be there to instruct, and I’m not sending my stamps etc – so selections had to be fairly easy, and I had to pre-stamp/cut things to make kits.   So her challenge was very fitting for this challenge  You should have already visited Helen’s blog and up next is Sandy – who I know has a bit of snow up on Ice Mountain!  I already posted the fourth card last week. We were looking forward to having Joni back with us, but the snow storm has left her without power.  Hope she is staying warm.

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One comment on “Color Blog Hop March 15, 2017

  1. buffycooper says:

    These are beautiful, Liz! They’ll love making them.

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