Color Blog Hop April 26, 2017

I’m hoping by the time you are looking at this the sun has decided it should make an appearance.  I understand we need the rain, and it does wash away the pollen . . . but do we need to start building an ark?  Thanks for stopping in – you should have just been visiting Joni and next up is Sandy [I’ll bet her bridge has been under water . . . you should see the swinging bridge she uses when that happens!]  So today we are to use another of our retiring products that we will miss.  I went with the Watercolor Wishes card kit.  I’m probably going to miss those gorgeous fonts more than the actual kit.  I cased this “alternate” card from Turtle Creations here.   I couldn’t resist including a bouquet of my lovely lilacs with my card – they have been absolutely spectacular this year . . . wish I could include the scent – and that aroma brings tears to my eyes as I always think of my mom when I smell them . . . she loved them so much!  I enjoyed my spring break . . . but now am back to work until June 5th . . . we are getting out extra early due to so few snow days!

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One comment on “Color Blog Hop April 26, 2017

  1. Sandy says:

    Very nice, springy, card. Love it. Love the flowers too. My lilacs are just a little behind yours. Mine are almost at their prime. Maybe this week, if it stops raining and they can finish up,

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