Color Blog Hop May 17, 2017

Hello Hoppers – welcome  . . .  you should have arrived here from Joni’s site and following me is Sandy.  I seriously considered bailing on this challenge – I really have racked my brain trying to figure out a CURRENT shape large enough to be a card . . . what I came up with (thank you to Buffy Cooper – my upline) is a butterfly – but this is totally outside my comfort zone.

We are preparing for 90 degree weather here – and yes, last week I was bringing in my plants because of a freeze warning.  Also, we are almost finished with our State testing at school – doing a few make-ups (which take as long as testing an entire class) and are counting down the days until we can scream/sing, “School’s out for summer!”  Can’t you just hear the tune playing in your head?  Here’s my card, such as it is:



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One comment on “Color Blog Hop May 17, 2017

  1. buffycooper says:

    Liz, that’s beautiful! I’m so glad you did this. Your card is seriously spectacular.

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